No Social Networking in ‘The Social Network’

[The Social Network‘s] great, but there’s an interesting omission: None of the main characters is shown using Facebook to improve their social lives in any meaningful way. via Interesting observation from Rogers Cadenhead. Oh, and I wrote something about my relationship with Twitter vs. Facebook on Medium a couple weeks ago.

Like eating chocolate air, like having your body reset to 100% perfect

Having experienced two wonderful things for the first time in my life in the past couple weeks, I now have the overwhelming urge to to grab each of my friends and shake them vigorously while shouting "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT PERFECTLY PREPARED CHOCOLATE SOUFFLES AND DEEP TISSUE MASSAGES?!"

Why everyone loves coming up with ideas in the shower

A shower is great for coming up with ideas because it's essentially a sensory deprivation chamber in your very own home. Lots of white noise from the water, coupled with all white walls and obscured glass means there are no auditory or visual outside distractions to hinder thinking.

Twitter doesn’t scale when you have 2.5 million followers

From Lance Armstrong's twitter stream, he decides to play a little guessing game with his followers and posts from his blackberry (ubertwitter client) on the massage table: Then he later logs onto the website to see his @replies tab to figure out the winner, but then this happens: In the future, Lance should try out …

In Defense of Twittering During Tragedy

Yesterday, I noticed blogs lighting up as they passed along the story of a mother supposedly twittering while her son drowned and the massive backlash that followed including instant accusations of parental neglect. The story sounded too good to be true, the kind of stuff people write in their heads and hold in draft mode …