There aren’t enough bike theft deterrentsĀ out there in the world and bike locks are almost literally a band-aid solution so I was glad to be a Kickstarter backer of this project. I didn’t know about this video ad for the product until today, it’s kind of awesome.

Auto uploads of data to Strava from a Garmin Edge 510

image from static.garmincdn.comThis is a pretty niche trick, but I recently figured out how to finally upload activities to Strava wirelessly using the latest Garmin Edge 510.

The newest Garmin Edge computers offer bluetooth sync to your phone, which is then used for real-time mapping of your rides, weather alerts, and when you’re done with a ride, automatic uploads of data to the Garmin Connect site. It’s very handy to just press “Save” at the end of your ride and have your data uploaded to their site but the only problem is the Garmin Connect site pales in comparison to the fitness site Strava, which offers more tools for analysis as well as a ton of social features. The problem with getting data to Strava is you have to sync your Edge bike computer with a USB cable after every ride, even though you can go a week or two without needing a charge.

Ever since I got the Edge 510, I’ve wondered how to easily transfer ride files from Garmin Connect to Strava so I could skip the cable-required-sync, and after a bunch of research I found a fairly odd little hack is available at The downside is that Strava doesn’t currently offer an API, so you have to store your username/password at GarminSync, but once linked up, it does exactly what I wanted. You hit “Save” on your bike computer, it uploads to Garmin Connect, and a few minutes later that ride is also posted to your Strava account. It’s great and does exactly what I wanted.

I suspect Garmin’s running watches will soon share smartphone features as well, so this auto-upload-to-Strava thing may come in handy there too someday.

Giro di Portland

Every summer there are some crit races in downtown Portland and they are a blast. I missed last week’s Twilight Criterium but got to see last evening’s Giro di Portland. The racing was hot and fast, with some surprise results. The Cat 3 race was won by a 13 year old that won a race earlier that same day and won a race the day before. The final Mens 1/2 was won by a late breakaway from one of the oldest riders in the bunch. Overall, it was a great summer night of racing in downtown Portland.


Racing over cobbles

Racing by

Racing by

Spectators on the cobbles

Women's race

Coasting over cobbles

Looking back

Women line up

13 year-old Cat 3 winner

Traffic control

Looking back

Full set of photos is on Flickr

Me in the mud

That’s me in the blue kit with the white helmet popping into frame after about 5 seconds. I love the slow motion because watching it is a close feel for what it felt like to ride through 6 inches of mud and water with biblical rain falling on you for 45 minutes of racing. The whole race felt like it was in slow motion.

Also, my god, when I’m heaving and gasping for air am I really that fat looking? I’ve lost about 12lbs in the past few months but it’ll take another 25lbs before I start being remotely competitive even in my low race category.