The sleeping giant

Man, I didn't know that my little late night blurb written mostly to myself would spark such a reaction. I guess I woke a sleeping giant or something. Dave is annoyed, Tom blames it on tools, and Andre wants more flexibility.

The funniest thing is I kind of called for this to grow last summer, and I never really thought about how it affects end users. I uploaded a gallery of 20 photos or so to flickr a while back and a couple people said the feed was overrun with the shots, so much so that they wanted a way to remove them somehow.

For the last few years, I've had a site filled with stuff that I recently wiped in the hopes of starting over. Ideally, I'd like to get something close to Leonard's site, where all my feeds for separate services can live on one page, but there can still be a place to write longer text pieces like this one that dominate the space. I always envisioned One Feed To Rule Them All containing the parts from every sub-section, but after reading stuff like Dave wrote, maybe I'll default to the text blog feed, with other feeds sepate and one megafeed that you could subscribe to, but that tools wouldn't default to picking up.