No one can have nice things!

I was looking at an old blog entry here when I was surprised to find my first trackback spam. Free asian rape beastiality being offered directly from an old post! Then I dug around and sure enough, there were over 200 spammy trackbacks sent from January 5th through the 20th.

What's funny about it is that I can see how someone built and tweaked their spam cannon. On Jan 5, a person started at (probably using it as an open proxy) and sent a couple test pings of gibberish, then when they realized it worked, they waited eight hours for me to delete them. When I didn't delete anything the onslaught began, and over the course of three attacks, hundreds of old entries advertised all sorts of crap sites.

I read the recent interview with a link spammer and it sucks that people stoop to doing anything for a buck. So, instead of worrying about this any longer or having to check off 200+ delete boxes again, I turned off trackbacks. See you in hell, mr. jackass seo spammer who will never read this nor care.