New Hobby Horse with Todd Hamina


In March of 2018, I decided to start my own interview podcast called Hobby Horse, with the aim of talking to people about their hobbies and passions they normally didn't talk about much. I found of all the creative people I met, they often were totally into some weird hobby they rarely talked about, and I tried to track down friends and friends of friends with interesting side stories to tell.

The series is up to 16 episodes and I just uploaded a new one, this time with a local Oregon winery owner named Todd Hamina that I've ridden bikes with a few times. This year he attempted a self-supported (no crew, no van, you're all on your own) cross-country bike race. He made it about halfway across before he had to abandon and we talk about both his wine business and how wineries work, as well as how he got into riding, what kind of bike and gear setup is required for such a race, and what he'd do differently next time.