My new site: fortuitous

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When I came back from Austin, I mentioned that I wanted to do a new site focused on business type advice. After a month or so of the idea gelling in my head, I wrote down about 30 ideas for essays I'd like to write, I banged out a mockup, and I looked up a bunch of goofy domains. A couple more weeks passed and thanks to the CSS coding of Ryan Gantz, editing skills of Anil Dash, and the nice fellow that sold me the domain cheap, I give you: fortuitous.

It's a new essay every Monday about some aspect of business that I've learned while running the MetaFilter/PVRblog/etc empire. Nothing too earth shattering, but it's a fun outlet and I think it'll help a lot of people in a similar situation out. Subscribe to the feed and follow along.

(btw, the design of the bottom frame CSS hack thing is totally cribbed from NorthTemple and it does display funny if you scroll your mousewheel like mad. It was also the first thing I've ever built using Coda as the IDE and it was fantastic, with a little more polish/features it'll replace Textmate as my editor of choice)