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The best lesson I ever learned was interviewing for my first job after grad school at a place where I heard from former students employed there that they had problems with life/work balance so I asked about the expected hours of working and the CEO guy's face turned red and he started yelling at me. He blustered about how it takes as many hours as it takes and if you do stay late they buy you dinner and through the grapevine I heard everyone is expected to be at their desk from 9am-9pm working on compliance reports and whatnot.

That was the moment I realized oh right, after you pay a salary to someone and there's no overtime, you have to intimidate them to stay longer than the basics required to do the work, which is probably what is happening here.

I eventually turned down the job offer to a nice person that called me to offer it and I felt bad about that because I badly needed a job to pay rent and I remember about a week later I got an angry phone call from their CEO, who personally wanted to yell at some stranger who didn't take his job.

Bullet, dodged.

Anyway, genius businessman Elon is currently trying to cut half his staff while demanding the people that remain work twice as much so his payroll is cut in half but everything probably mostly works (somewhat) after.

It's the same fucking playbook.