Flickr “detail” sets

I’ve been using flickr on a daily basis for over two years. Today I followed a link from someone’s blog and landed on a page I’ve never seen before, and it rocked. It’s simple, but I didn’t have any idea it existed. It’s the “detail view” of photosets, which is so much more useful for getting the gist of a gallery that I wonder why it’s not the default view.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check this out: Early this past spring I built a deck, and I made a gallery about that, so compare:

Holy cow, I built a deck! – a photoset on Flickr (default)

Holy cow, I built a deck! – a photoset on Flickr (detail)

See how much easier the detail view is? No more squinting at little thumbnails, you can instantly scan everything in a set without having to click on anything. Just add “/detail/” to your flickr set links when sharing a gallery. Your readers will thank you.

flickr + cameraphone + wine label = archived wine reviews

Rafe posted a great idea for keeping track of wines you’ve bought, to note which ones you liked and didn’t like.

Personally, I try more new wines when I’m out at a restaurant or a party and I think the idea is more useful when out and about. If I’m trying new wine while traveling, I could take a cameraphone shot of the label and give a quick mash of the keys to leave my rating or thoughts on it. If you tagged all your wine label shots with the same tag in flickr, you could see all reviews at a glance, and maybe it would help me remember that one wine I had at a wedding six months ago that I loved.