Off to Interbike

_DSX3108.jpg, originally uploaded by Hugger Industries.

Near the end of high school, I finally scored a job at a local bike shop, fulfilling my dream to have fun while making $3.35/hour. It was 1989 and every year then and after, I secretly lusted after the Interbike passes my friends deeper in the bike industry would score each year. I went off to college, kept riding bikes off and on for fun, and even still I would attend if given the chance.

My chance is finally here, thanks to Bike Hugger. Though I sort of despise Las Vegas for its over the top drunkedness, smoking, and depressing gambling addicts, I made an exception to my life rule of never setting foot in a vegas casino again to live a 20 year old dream: visiting Interbike, the largest bike industry trade show in North America. There will be new bikes, new parts, and famous riders (I hope to meet George Hincapie) on display and I’ll be there covering it all.

Check out both Bike Hugger and their Interbike hub site for updates.

BMX Nostalgia

BMX WORLDS 2009 VIDEO from on Vimeo.

I can’t believe Blyther can still do decent airs on a tiny quarterpipe. I can’t believe Ron Wilkerson tried all those crazy drop-ins he used to have down pat. I can’t believe Dave Nourie can still do every flatland trick in his 80s routines.

There’s nothing that isn’t awesome about this.

iStockphoto ends up on a license plate!

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My new license plate, originally uploaded by mathowie.

I love my new Share the Road license plate that is now offered here in Oregon. It's only $10 as a one-time fee and half goes to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and half goes to Cycle Oregon, both bike-friendly organizations I support.

I noticed it looked familiar when it showed up. I've been a casual user of iStockphoto for some time and I recently designed a site for a race series a friend was throwing (first race is this Saturday and I'll be there in the beginner class!) and I used iStockphoto to get that cool outline of Oregon and the cyclist profile (I used a slightly different illustration). When I opened the DMV envelope I instantly recognized the cyclist, because it's this file, just reversed, and with the water bottle removed from the outline.

I'm not faulting the designer, iStockphoto is a great place to get super cheap illustrations and I use them all the time, rather, I'm more stoked that an illustration there ended up working all the way up to an optional state license plate.

August cycling/diet update

mile 80

In August I hit two major goals I set for myself on January 1st of this year, and they were two goals I didn’t think I’d achieve. I surpassed 2,000 miles ridden and I did it just before completing my first century (100 mile) ride. Up until this year, I’ve always ridden about 600-800 miles between May and October and this year I pushed myself to ride all the way through Winter. I’m guessing I’ll be hitting about 3,500-4,000 miles for the year by the end.

The century went really well and didn’t feel like a 7 hour day in the saddle even though it was. The first 80 miles were pretty easy and a blast, but riding into a headwind the last 20 was kind of exhausting and I was glad to be finished at the end of the day. I also did the century ride to prepare myself for Cycle Oregon, which kicks off in less than a week. I knew even the worst day at Cycle Oregon (a 77 mile day with about 7,000′ of climbing) would be a bit less distance then the century (and the Portland Century featured about 5400′ of climbing) so if I could do the century, I should be ok for Cycle Oregon week.

On the diet front, I’m still down around the same weight as last month. Kind of frustrating that I haven’t really budged in several months, but overall I’m about 12lbs lighter than I was at the beginning of the year and I haven’t yo-yo’d back up, keeping fairly steady for the past few months. I’m hoping a hard week of riding at Cycle Oregon will kick off another five pound loss, though it sounds like they will be feeding us like crazy at every meal.

July cycling/diet

Me in last night's Portland Short Track race July was a good month for riding and I rode over 250 miles in the first couple weeks of the month. Unfortunately, I spent the following two weeks mostly on family vacation down in San Diego. I did get a few rides in, but I forgot how slow city riding can be with all the stoplights blocking you. Overall, I finished the month with only 333 miles ridden due to the time off for travel. On the plus side, August is my last chance to cram in the miles and climbing to train for Cycle Oregon in September. I’m hoping to hit 600 miles in August.

On the diet front, I shed a couple pounds more but I think I’m going to finally stop drinking soda completely for a month to see how much it affects my weight.

May Cycling/diet update

May was a good month for biking. The weather improved to the point where I could ride pretty much any day I wanted to, taking my monthly mileage up to 333 miles (last month was a paltry 185). I surpassed the first of my goals for the year, which was to ride 1,000 miles in a year. For the last few years I’ve ridden just 600-800 miles over each summer, but never consistently rode enough to pass a thousand. It looks like I’ll be in the 2,000-3,000 mile range for the year if I continue riding as much as I have.

I also did my first big ride of the year, a leisurely 54 mile ride from a nearby town to the ocean. I’m feeling a lot stronger on my training rides and will be upping my mileage to at least 400-500 miles per month for the rest of the summer as I get ready for the 500 mile week at the start of September for Cycle Oregon. I’m planning on racing a bit as well, with some PIR races and Short Track later this month.

On the diet front, I’m still at the same weight that I was last month, but I did gain and lose several pounds in the middle there, so my weight loss of 10lbs at the beginning of the year is fairly stable (though I’d still like to keep going and lose 25 more). As I up my mileage this summer and eat more fresh foods, I suspect I’ll come down another 10lbs by mid-summer.