The best camera product demo ever


Canon has a new whiz-bang $20,000 camera coming out that is designed to change the film industry (much like the $20,000 camera by Red), and typically whenever a new camera (especially one with stellar video capabilities) comes out, there is a demo reel done by a famous director showing off what the camera can do.

This video does what every other camera demo video does, but then goes way further by making it entertaining and downright hilarious. It's extra funny if you've seen lots of demo videos or know people in the film industry, but even without any insider knowledge, the jokes come through. 

It's awesome that Canon let this happen and it makes me want the camera so much more for having seen it.

2nd curtain sync with a Canon 5D

aka “Merlin’s Rockstar Flash” aka rear curtain flash aka 2nd curtain flash

  1. Hit Menu
  2. Scroll down to custom functions, hit select
  3. Change custom function #15 from a 0 to a 1 to enable 2nd curtain flash
  4. Hook up a flash (if using a 550/580EX, change setting on your flash to enable 2nd curtain, if using a 420/430EX camera controls it)
  5. Change shooting to Tv mode, slow down the shutter speed to 1/30th a second or slower (it won’t work at faster shutter speeds)
  6. Take photo, flash should fire at the start of your photo and again at the end, producing a cool effect of half blurry with some sharpness captured by the flash.

(I’m writing this down because it took an hour of researching down ratholes to find it and I keep forgetting the entire process)