Frank Gehry film on PBS

Last year, a little documentary came out about Frank Gehry. It sounded like a good concept — have actor/director Sydney Pollack hang out with Gehry and learn how he makes all those fabric-like steel buildings. Alas, my local art house theater never carried the film and as I awaited its release on DVD and into my Netflix queue, I noticed today that the movie is being played on PBS this week, for free, as an American Masters episode.

There aren’t a lot of films on architecture these days so I’m looking forward to watching it tonight on my local PBS. It’s odd that the DVD is only two weeks old and now it’s being broadcast on public television but I’m not complaining.


I’ve always wanted a sleek, modern home and will someday build one like this (which was built for only $200k). When I told a friend recently, he kind of recoiled at the thought of a cold boxy object, and I shared a quote I heard recently that went something like this:

We live in the 21st century in America, but people still build and choose to live in homes that look like they are 150 years old. Why is that? Why shouldn’t new homes look new?