Apple should sell the iPad mini as a wireless CarPlay monitor

Piggy backing on my last post here, as I was trying to get my weird android tablet with a huge plastic bezel and odd mounts to look better in the Rivian, I thought about how much smoother and better my experience would be if it was a real iPad mini instead of a shady Android box running CarPlay.

The hardware could have a "CarPlay mode" that would sync perfectly to my phone and my car's bluetooth audio connection. It could be smart enough to take calls and texts from my phone's number, but on the iPad mini itself. Then there's the whole established ecosystem where there are tons of mounting options available to seamlessly put an iPad mini on your car's dashboard.

I've always felt like the iPad mini was a weird product in search of a use case. Buying weird $250 android tablets to run CarPlay seems silly when you could buy a fancy new iPad mini that would be way more reliable and easier to incorporate into any car's interior, plus you'd have a fully charged entertainment device when you got on a plane or into your hotel room.