The best stocking stuffer is these little wire ties

I am pretty sure I first found out about these little reusable wire tie things from an interview at Cool Tools where someone mentioned how much they loved them. I bought a set solely based on the strength of recommendations made on that site.

Once I got them, I started using them. And using them. And using so many of them I had to buy more packs of them.

These are the perfect stocking stuffer for any nerd in your life. You can use them to bundle up cables behind a TV, for keeping headphone cables tidy in your backpack, and for keeping extra USB charge cables in your car organized. I tend to use them whenever I want to de-clutter something or organize any sort of wires that tend to end up in piles. And they’re better than zip-ties because they don’t waste more plastic and you can untie things and re-tie things as many times as you like.

They’re around $8 for a small pack and I can’t recommend them enough. Buy a few and you won’t be disappointed.

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2 replies on “The best stocking stuffer is these little wire ties”

  1. I have some of those twist ties but I prefer these cable ties:

    and put them on every cable I own.. don’t they serve the same purpose as the twist ties? Is there an advantage to the twist tie that I’m missing?


    1. I use those as well, but they are a little bit more difficult to remove/retighten than the simple rubber coated metal ones. But for set-it-and-forget-it cable bundling, I use those Velcro straps.


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