Getting back to RSS

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Here’s my exported Newsblur RSS feed list. It’s mostly everything I was following until the day Google Reader died. Of these couple hundred feeds, only a couple dozen are regularly updating these days and I’m slowly pruning out old dead ones that turn into commercial blogs when the owners stop paying for a domain and a squatter takes over.

For the most part, they’re people I met early into blogging and at events like SXSW in the early 2000s. Going through the list is like a trip through memory lane. I even pruned about a dozen links that went to long-since dead services like Google Blog Search, Bloglines, and Technorati search results I had saved in RSS.

NewsBlur Feeds

4 responses to “Getting back to RSS”

  1. You…have comments on!

    Regarding sharing RSS subscriptions, I thought this idea from Adam Mathes was interesting: exposing RSS reading lists similar to robots.txt:


  2. Why? I recently did this too… wondering if it was Max and the Do By Friday crew that convinced you as well.


    1. It was leaving Twitter. I’d been using it like a RSS reader for years and had to fill that hole

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  3. OK now I’m offended. 😜


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