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I have to admit that at some point in the last few months Gawker Media turned a corner and is doing consistently strong investigative journalism* across all their blogs, the likes of which the Huffington Post used to do before they went all sensationalistic tabloid entertainment bullshit on us. I used to write Gawker off as tabloid bullshit generator but they don't have too many peers writing about similar insider leaks these days.

* ignoring that ugly "outing the Apple engineer that lost a phone" thing

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  1. I was just thinking of a lot of things in the last month or so. Just this week we have the iPad security breach and the nintendo 3ds leak. Then there was that Rush Limbaugh wedding flyover.
    I used to think of the Huffington Post as something akin to a newspaper not afraid to ruffle some feathers on getting stories, but it just seems like nothing but sensationalistic nonsense over there.
    All this said, I don’t really even follow any gawker blogs aside from the Lifehacker top stories feed. I just read whatever Nick Denton and Joel Johnson point to on twitter, but I’ve been impressed by their work as it seems more like real journalism than I ever gave them credit for in the past.


  2. Regarding HuffPo, I only read the pieces that are written by well-known people in influential positions of power. The rest feels like fluff and filler.
    I avoid most of the Gawker stuff and my respect meter for them dropped dramatically with the whole iPhone 4 debacle. What Gawker did with that was downright illegal and immoral.
    Regarding TechCrunch, well, let’s just say that it used to be a reliable place for tech news but lately it’s just been a bunch of pure crap, especially the ridiculous Jason Calcanis pissing match “news”.
    It’s a sad day when a high-quality independent source of news goes “pro”, hires a bunch of half-rate writers and starts focusing more on pageviews than quality.


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