The New Honesty

Three times in the last week, I've been reminded by a cashier that what I was buying wasn't worth the money:

  • Long Beach Airport, Terminal 3. A single Larabar was $5. Cashier says "you sure you want to get that, it's five bucks"
  • Las Vegas, concession at Interbike somewhere. I grab a Crunch chocolate bar and the cashier says "dude, that's three dollars, you sure you want it?"
  • Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay parking lot food service for the US Crit finals. Parched, and with no water supply I ask for a 8oz bottle from the bartender. He says "this is $4.50, you actually want it?"

Sometimes there is an upside to a recession.

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5 replies on “The New Honesty”

  1. Neither. I thought it was really honest moments from people in the position of selling me overpriced stuff and admitting it. I guess that’s bad from the point of view of the owner, but as a customer I thought it was refreshing.


  2. That happened to me at an airport too! I think it must be that cashiers get tired of customers getting shocked at the charge and asking to un-do it. Because food is waaay overpriced behind the security gates – and apparently all over Las Vegas.


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