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I discovered a new first world problem. I called a friend's mobile phone while he was at home and we were discussing things for ten minutes or so. Then his spouse arrived home from a trip to the store and parked the car inside their garage. My call ended suddenly and I was a bit confused.

Later, I found out that as the car entered the garage, my friend's mobile automatically connected to it via his stored Bluetooth profile. His spouse was suddenly hearing my half of the conversation on the car's stereo speakers. She panicked, and hit the call end button on the steering wheel.

It felt like one of the weirdest edge case technology problems possible.

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  1. Holy crap that’s crazy. I can’t tell you the number of calls I’ve flubbed by doing the reverse, though — pulling into the garage, shutting off the car and then wondering why the hell the person on the other end of the call suddenly sounds so quiet and tinny and is inside my pocket.


  2. once I was talking to my wife on my cellphone while following her home in separate vehicles, and for some reason, I was in her car, and she was in mine. If I’d pull up too close to her at a stop light, my phone would connect to my prius’s BT handsfree and her phone would basically explode in noisy feedback. Safe stopping distance indeed.


  3. I was just outside of my car getting mail from the old mail box when my phone rang.
    Answered the phone but could not hear anything – there I am going Hello? Hello?
    Then I hear my voice echoing through the car window …..


  4. Had the same problem when getting my car from a valet. Was talking on the phone, then all of a sudden, the caller was gone. I then noticed the valet driver had this big smile on his face. Apparently, this happens a lot.


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