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If you're visiting this site in a browser, you've likely figured out I've moved to Typepad and there are a few bugs in commenting, in my archives, and in my feed (feed still points to my old blog and permalinks). Things should be working as intended soonish.

update: yay, everything seems to be working now. Comments are out of order on my old imported posts, and I don't currently have URL redirection for old WP urls yet, but everything basically works again and I'll likely be posting much more because heck, Typepad is kind of fun and easy.

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  1. WordPress was really annoying to use for the past six months or so. With the advent of the 2.5 release, they redesigned the posting UI which removed the above-the-fold long listing of my categories, moving it below entry boxes, below-the-fold into a 1/4 height box that required scrolling to find my categories.
    The app up until that point was geared towards easily managing and using a ton of categories in your posts. They decided to redesign it to instead focus on tags, which I never used in the previous two years so I felt it was a definite turn for the worse.
    Additionally, I was constantly annoyed by the big yellow banner across the top scolding me to update my wordpress install. It seemed whenever I finally had some free time and broke down to update it, the next week some more major security exploits would come out and the yellow banner would return.
    Blogging is supposed to be fun, and the software should reflect that. For me, WordPress became harder to use and annoying in the way it was constantly needing to be updated, which is why I left.
    I like Typepad much better and thank god I’ll never have to update the stupid CMS myself ever again.


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