The suckiest suck that ever sucked

(The dyson’s maiden voyage, originally uploaded by mathowie)

I have to say, I’m totally buying into the Dyson vacuum cleaner hype. This is after I vacuumed the whole 1600 sq ft. house, half of which had been vacuumed earlier today with a conventional model that broke.

I’ve bought a string of $200 vacuums that worked so-so and required new bags every few weeks so I figured it was worth it to splurge on a $400 model that was better than anything else (according to my friends with one). It’s about half as loud as my old vacuum which is an added plus I wasn’t expecting.

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  1. I’ve gone through a number of vacuums and can honestly say the Dyson is the best I’ve ever used. And this is from a guy with a perpetually shedding Siberian Huskey.
    I had recently joked to some friends that I already owned a lot of the things on their wedding registry, and perhaps I should just repackage one of them. She was way too eager to get her hands on my Dyson!


  2. My Dyson’s maiden voyage was a disgusting one, but afterwards I thought to myself “wow, worth every penny!” And I too was surprised by the quiet!
    I can attest to the fact yours will hold up for quite some time; I’m vacuuming up quite a bit of Bernese Mountain Dog hair (with a DC-14 Animal) on a very regular basis and have yet to have any problems with the vacuum, unlike the Windtunnels of my past which began to choke as early as one week.


  3. My wife and I bought a Dyson DC07 a few months back, when they were having some sale at Amazon. I almost regretted buying that model before using, since the "Animal" is the model for picking up animal fur. I was quite sure that my Airedale was going to ruin the thing upon blowing her winter coat. She was nothing for this thing. This vacuum really is just that much better than anything else on the market. Matt, I know you’re a TiVo fan and general tech enthusiast, so you can certainly appreciate the kind of following this device has: once you use it, everything else doesn’t even suck.


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