You're all a bunch of blogging Grandmas

If you have grandparents like I do, you might have gotten envelopes mailed to you from time to time. Inside these envelopes, you would usually find a piece of paper folded up with some writing on it, and either taped to the paper or floating freely you'd find a story cut out of the newspaper. The note would often say something like "Saw this in the local paper today. Thought you might be interested in it."

Newspapers are still ubiquitous but they used to be bigger in their day and age, and if you missed that day's paper or lived in a different area, chances are you weren't going to catch that story and clipping and sending it was the only way to share that info (aside from saying "hey grandson, go down to your library and ask for LA Times microfiche #32344 and look for A12 on it).

I got some newspaper clippings in the mail today and I realized that my parents and grandparents and I have a lot in common. It seems like blogging here is a lot like the newspaper clipping thing they do, but I do it all the time and for anyone that finds this site, where their work is for an audience of one (me).

Looking at my archives for the last piece of news I blogged about, it's not much of a stretch to read this post and imagine getting the following note along with the story clipped out of the paper:

Love, Grandpa.