You know, the new IE

You know, the new IE colored scrollbars feature is annoying from a UI perspective.

Take Taylor's wonderful Captain Cursor Creations. When viewed in IE 5.5, the scroll bars match the page background closely. Today I visited the site while having 3 or 4 other IE windows open behind it, I went to drag the scroll bar on Taylor's site, but instead clicked outside the window to a window beneath. I went back to figure out what happened, and noticed that it's hard to see the scroll bar apart from the page. Blurring the line between the window chrome and the page design is a bad thing, as I've been using windows that look a certain way and act a certain way for years (god, I'm starting to sound like a usability freak, aren't I?)

Maybe I'm getting old or something, but it seems to me that forcing a user to hunt down basic windowing control elements within a design makes a site less usable, and I wonder why Microsoft programmed the customizable scrollbars in the first place.