You just got served

I've read Fast Food Nation and seen Supersize Me, so when I'm out running errands and feeling hungry, I go to a drive through with a healthy level of guilt.

While visions of my clogged arteries danced in my head, I pulled into a drive through the other day and was immediately greeted by the happiest order taker on earth. She started off by asking how I was doing, which I haven't heard since I went to an In-N-Out in California. And when I ordered, I swear I heard a "great choice!" followed by more over-the-top enthusiasm. It was enough to completely turn my mood around. Suddenly I was having a great day and happy to have made the right choice on what to eat this day.

My enthusiasm still peaking, I went around to the pay window, noticed the line was moving screamingly fast (bonus!) and looked forward to hearing from the happiest worker on earth. When I got to the window, it suddenly became clear that the staff seemed much older and more downtrodden than the bubbly voice I heard. Then I remembered reading about call centers in far away places taking orders for Oregon drive throughs and I realized I might have just got punk'd.

Still, if that was indeed the case, I've got to hand it to the corporations doing this -- it actually improved my experience (until I realized it may have been a bit of deception).