You can see why I never mention my family here

Oh good lord, my uncle is a city councilman for Chino, California and recently went on KROQ to refute a joke from the FOX show O.C., and has gone so far as to begin a letter-writing campaign against the network.

I grew up a short distance from Chino and visited my aunt and uncle often, always dreading the first 10 minutes of being there, until I got used to the smell. I spent several years in Riverside, just 20 miles away in the smelly wake of Chino and we could smell the cows with some regularity. When I was doing wastewater management work for a class I even got to visit a handful of Chino dairies first hand. Let there be no doubt that the worst smell I've ever experienced was standing over a runoff pond adjacent to a milking facility. Never in my life did I ever come so close to vomiting based solely on a smell.

Farms smell, that's what cows do, and everyone in Southern California knows Chino stinks a bit. I know I won't be scoring any points at the annual family dinner, but I really hope my uncle relaxes and lets it go. Afterall, it's FOX for chrissakes, and another lame show of theirs, at that.

Remember how much we laughed when the Mayor of Rio tried to sue FOX over a Simpons in Brazil show? Don't let Chino become the butt of even more jokes. [via the Veen]