Yosemite recap and quick iPhoto2 and iMovie3 review

A recap of last week in Yosemite with photos, a movie, trip tips, and more.

I used early copies of iPhoto 2 and iMovie 3 to manage the photos on the trip and crunch the video. The new iPhoto is a lot speedier and more stable than the old one, though it offers no export features beyond .mac stuff (I couldn't find an export button anymore, time to write some applescripts I guess). iMovie 3 imports quicktime movies into its native DV format, which saved me the $30 I was going to pay for quicktime pro just to get this capability. The video splicing, effects, and transitions were easy to use, though the text stuff was a little quirky. Adding music tracks was a snap, by just dragging them in from an iTunes panel, though I couldn't seem to cut more than one audio track in the iMovie editor.