I've been on Declan McCullagh's mailing list for the past 3-4 years and when I saw him pimping his article about  a possible blogging crackdown from the FEC, I had a strong feeling everyone was being played. The title and lead-in are finely crafted to rile most any blogger, be they right or left in political persuassion. The concept of blogs as regulated speech also seemed a stretch and I had to keep in mind that Declan, though I like him for the most part and love his mailing list, is a libertarian that wants to see completely unregulated speech and spending. Every six months or so Declan sticks his neck out and is shown to be incorrect. Then a few months pass and people forget, then another crazy headline shows up one of his articles. He's really good at writing headlines that make people talk, it's just that accuracy doesn't always follow.

I'm glad to hear from James that my first impression was likely right, and this is much ado about nothing.

Blogosphere, you have been trolled.