W's False pride

This is interesting: Republicans for Humility.

When I look at the W presidency and closer at the man himself and ask myself why I would not vote for him, humility ranks at the top (the lack of it, actually). I've seen time and time again, whenever he is asked a challenging question, or given the opportunity to reflect on past decisions, Bush will respond in ways that approach complete arrogance.

Progress is continuing well in Iraq. I've never made a mistake in my presidency. Rumsfeld is doing a terrific job. The economy is strong and turning a corner.

Some write it off as optimism, but when he was asked about any bad decisions he's made earlier this year and said he's never made a mistake, he lost all credibility with me. Mistakes aren't always a bad thing, they're an opportunity to learn. And great men make thousands of mistakes on their way to greatness. When I heard him state his complete lack of mistakes, one word came to mind: Pride.

For a religious man, he should know about the sin of Pride and even to the non-religious, most folks have a low tolerance for arrogance. The line between "That guy is really optimistic" and "That jerk thinks he's perfect in every way" is a fine one.

It's great to see a republican-run site asking for some humility. People aren't perfect. Even great leaders make mistakes. The greatest leaders we've ever had took the time to reflect on them, acknowledge them, and repair any damage caused. When it comes to W, I'm not seeing any of that, just a complete lack of introspection and humility.