World Cup

Though the US lost, tonight's World Cup game was a great one to watch (photos from my seat: 1, 2, 3). The packed house was on the edge of its seat the entire time, watching as the US team put together play after play attacking the German goal, but coming up short in the end. I knew the game would be a tough one to win for the US after watching Germany rule its previous matches. They controlled the mid-field, won most balls in the air, and had an amazing goalie.

The Canada-Sweden game that followed was also a nail-biter, but Sweden controlled the second half and put a couple in late to get a well-deserved win. I'm looking forward to both the final match (Germany will likely kill Sweden), and the 3rd place game between the US and Canada (I'm hoping for a US win, I think we can pull it out).

It's a bummer the US team lost, but it was a great night of soccer. I'm bummed to hear the WUSA doesn't look like it will be playing in 2004, I would have loved to drive up to Seattle to see Mia Hamm and Abby Wambach play.