With all this talk about

With all this talk about weblogs vs. journalism, I wonder if I should take my last essay, which started as weblog post, which started from a single offsite link, bulk it up with interview quotes from various bands and online music services, give it a heavy edit, then shop it to Salon, Wired News, SPIN, and/or Rolling Stone, just to prove it's possible to bridge the gap between weblogs and journalism.

A larger part of me wonders if the weblogs vs. journalism debate has any importance. If the journalism-with-a-capital-J crowd is calling it a fad, perhaps they are scared at the prospects of admitting there is something useful in weblogs, and it's a smoke shield. Maybe it's just time to stop using the word journalism around weblogs, regardless of any similarities one might find among the two as neither all weblogs can be called journalism nor can all news articles be called journalism. I know deep down, there is something interesting among some weblogs, some of the time and it's worth highlighting and discussing, but I fear the already polarized weblogs vs journalism arguments will continue to be mired in semantics and strictly either/or prospects, and I wonder if energy is better spent working on other things.