WIRED and Creative Commons

I've been waiting months to say this: Go get your copy of the November issue of WIRED, complete with this free CD. It's a good CD and you're free to remix and file-share the songs to your heart's content. The entire issue is filled with CC-friendly articles that point to a new way of sharing songs online, even including Hilary Rosen singing the virtues of CC.

I'm also happy to note the newly redesigned Creative Commons site, re-architected with the help of Adaptive Path and featuring lovely icons from Doug Bowman. A big push for rethinking the site was knowing thousands of visitors would arrive fresh from their copy of WIRED, looking to know more and try it out. Through testing, prototyping, and testing again, we came up with a new approach to both helping people find good stuff that is licensed, and in walking people through the licensing of their own work. I'll be writing up the entire process soon over on the CC weblog, if you're interested.

For now, I suggest checking out a great music CD that also comes with the benefits of the CC sampling license, and the new website. I think you'll be pleased with both. If you need me, I'll be snoring in the corner, sleeping off the past three months of long nights.