WiFi Hotels

The news that every Best Western hotels in the US will have free wireless is great to hear. I don't know if they're doing this based on market research, but personally I will be staying at their hotels as much as possible when I travel now. I searched and searched for Southern California hotels that had free wireless and after giving up on a few places that claimed to but didn't, I accidentally found a Holiday Inn in Orange County with multiple default Linksys base stations in the hotel. I've ended up staying there the last four times I went down to see my family, even though it's a pretty shabby hotel and probably overpriced (it's around $70-80 a night).

It's good to see Best Western recognize this, it's not like I want to just camp out online when I travel, but it's nice to catch up with work and personal email when you get to the hotel at night without having to hassle with dialups and outbound call charges. Knowing that every single Best Western will be equipped will make searching for a simple cheap place to sleep much easier in the future.