Why don't you own a TiVo yet?

The New York Times article "Why TiVo Owners Can't Shut Up" totally nails the cult of TiVo, which I am a 7th-level member.

Although I talk about it incessantly here on this site, I don't talk about tivo much with anyone unless they start talking about tivo first. I've probably converted a dozen people to tivo after hearing them mention it at parties, or when people come up and ask me. My sales pitch is pretty simple, and works even for people that don't like much on TV. Here's my elevator-pitch version of why you should own a tivo:

TiVo takes the hours and hours of shit found on television, and squeezes it into a diamond.

After I hook them on that, I usually go into the virtues of time-shifting: coming home and watching your favorite shows, when you have time, instead of when they are on live; being free of the tyranny of the tv timeslot once and for all.

Anyway, enough tivo evangelizing, if you don't already own one, you should really get one and change the way you deal with your televison.