Who wants to be billg now?

An acquaintance works at a school that receives Gates Foundation money, and Bill Gates himself paid a visit this week. This is a description of Bill's personal security team:

Security followed about 50 feet back, dressed looking like teachers. Turned out that his security had visited us two months ago, a week ago, and had been in place since last Friday keeping an eye on the school grounds.

I know people love to fantasize about being Bill Gates because you can spend something like a million dollars a minute until you die and still have multi-billion dollar trust funds for your kids, but could anyone read the above and still want to be Bill for even a second? When you are the richest man on earth, is that level of security really necessary? It sounds tighter than the Secret Service. Is he approaching Howard Hughes levels of paranoia? Is he taking the songs about him dying and the movie about his assassination seriously?