Who knew doing one sit-up perfectly is harder than it looks?

Lately though, he's turned his challenges to things that are much easier, things that any random person on the street might be able to do. But when you're testing average people, doing one pushup or one pull up is really quite hard.

Today he released this video asking people to do one perfect, flat feet, arms against their chest sit-up. Sounds easy right?

Watch the video and you might see what I did, which is way less people can pull this off than you might think. But don't fret, near the end of the video, Nick reveals that he himself cannot do one.

For the record, I'm a bit overweight, but I've done core work in the gym for the last ten years and I was fully convinced this would a cake walk. I laid down to do one perfect pushup, and I CANNOT get past about 1/4 of the way up without raising my feet or extending my arms to counterbalance. Also, immediately after any attempt, my upper abs muscles are screaming and it feels like I've pulled them.

I had no idea this would be so hard!