While my copy of Garageband gently weeps

The Jay-Z Construction Set is a blast to play with. I grabbed some of the purposely remix-friendly acapella tracks and laid it on top of a certain classic.

After hearing the Grey Album remix, the Black on Black remix, and the Black and Tan remix, I figured there should be a Black and White remix. When I thought of the whitest sounds possible two names jumped to mind: Michael Bolton and Kenny G. Seeing how Kenny G does instrumentals and I have an acapella track, it was an easy mash.

Let me preface this by saying I don't really know what I'm doing audio software-wise, so I just simply laid Jay Z's Encore over Kenny G's Songbird, and grabbed a chunk that has its moments. I'm sure a real DJ could whip up a better version of this abomination fairly easily, but I was just farting around in audio software and figured I might as well upload it.

Here's a taste of Kenny Z's Encore (1Mb mp3, 60 second snippet)