While digging around this server,

While digging around this server, I came across a few old Metababy hacks. For those of you that don't know, Metababy was a site that let anyone edit by either emailing in HTML code, or later on, copy and pasting it into an edit box. Whatever was last added to Metababy, became the default page at metababy.com.

I made this joke Flash page (way before bashing flash was cool :) on November 17, 1998, when Metababy first launched. A day later, I created this rant about annoying people at the movies (laser pointers were all the rage back in 1998). I have no idea why I created this one of Lance's head (November 20, 1998), but it was based on the old, old, old glassdog splash page. Here's another one from November 1998. When Metababy version 2 launched, it included an "Edit" button instead of the old email-in way of doing things, which reminded me of a certain application, and that prompted this one (I went a bit far on the Dave imitation). I can't wait to see what version 3 of Metababy looks like.