While cruising through craigslist today,

While cruising through craigslist today, I happened upon this odd post about a designer/programmer needed for contract work on a golfing site. Note that with your application, you should answer four questions. Question one is odd, but probably pertinent, as I suppose it's still a heated point whether oversize clubs should be allowed in professional play. I don't know why you'd hire or not hire someone based on their response to that one, but I guess it has something to do with the job.

Questions two through four are way, way out there. Is this even legal? If you loved the canadian skating pair, think the US should bomb the world and that marriage is a sacred institution, do you get the job? What if you thought the russians did better, the US should work on peace, and that gay marriage is a-ok? I don't even see the point, since the job allows for telecommuting. It's not like you have to share the office space with someone who's views don't jibe with yours, so what's the point? Does that make someone a better programmer or designer? Does any of that affect the actual work done by an employee?