While chatting tonight with Anil,

While chatting tonight with Anil, I made a few easter-jesus-rising-from-the-grave jokes and he said "you know if it were two years ago, you could probably make a flash movie of that, no, a series of them, and get it picked up on a media site." I replied "I coulda been funded!!!" he said "ah, the good old days of the unreasonable web."

The unreasonable web.

It's a great term. All the pimentoloaf.com's of the world were part of the unreasonable web. Any company that started out by losing money on every customer, with the hopes of market domination years later is a part of it. Any site that described their success as "stickiness" or in terms of "eyeballs" or "time spent on the site" is part of the unreasonable web.

The unreasonable web is on the way out, as it should be. The users, markets, and investors are making sure of that. The problem however, are the good ideas run by CEO and marketing teams that steered companies towards unreasonable areas. Kozmo and Webvan are either dead or dying, even though they're great, useful services that can make money.

They just had unreasonable visions of how they'd conquer the market. My hope is companies with more business sense step in to meet the demands left by these dead companies, so users willing to pay can once again enjoy their services for a long and prosperous time.