Where are they now?

American born, Venezula raised, Cuban influenced Nil Lara's self-titled debut was my favorite CD in 1997. I played it several thousand times that year after I saw him open for Rusted Root and it's been critically acclaimed since its release. I was reminded by him today and figured he must have released a few more albums by now, but amazon still only lists his one label disc from '96.

Finally I stumbled upon his new site. From the looks of it, he lost his recording contract and is doing a new "indie" album only via postal mail in small quantites, starting this month. That's unfortunate, but I'll be sending my $16 in.

It's weird, he had a broad fanbase way back when and I bet he could draw in all sorts of american and latin american audiences, but here he is selling small runs from someone's apartment in 2004. Maybe he had the worst management in music or the label didn't know what to do with him.