When all subtlety is lost

This is a very funny image and I feel like I need to explain it a bit.

Adrian Hon is a game designer who with his brother Dan helped pioneer the early ARG style games where you find clues in a real world using elaborate puzzles that end up giving you something in a virtual space.

He's seen everything in the video game industry over the past couple decades and being British, also has the chromosomes and genes that express humor and satire in a perfect deadpan delivery.

Last night, before I went to bed, I checked Twitter and saw Adrian posting his "ideas for twitter" and I read it as intended, as slightly horrible things you've seen in scammy iPhone games before, posted tongue-in-cheek as if he was dead serious about all of them.

This morning, the new twitter CEO saw them and responded. Adrian doubled-down after, and posted more bad ideas taken directly from apps that had been in the news for scamming kids out of lunch money or being unplayable unless you shoveled out tons of cash for fake jewels in the game.

Anyway, when a thread of cheeky deadpan humor hits a guy running around burning billions of dollars that also happens to not be great at picking up on subtlety and satire, great things happen.

(I would bet $20—no $8—no wait, whatever Stephen King would pay—that twitter will actually implement Adrian's "happy hour" idea that is a simple clone of the BeReal notification to drive engagement)