Web-enabled interviewer app

I was thinking that it'd be cool if someone had a service where you could call a 1-800 number, patch in another caller, talk for a few minutes, then have the service email you a MP3 of the call after you are done. I don't have any microphones or wacky phone attachments at home, but I knew it'd be possible with existing technology. I mentioned this to friends, asking if they'd ever heard of such a thing and no one could recall anything. Everyone seemed to think it should be a business and one of us should start it.

Thankfully, with a bit more digging, Andy found it at FreeConference.com.

It's on the expensive side, they charge a $10 setup fee to do the recording part, and the normal conference runs 10 cents a minute, per person. So probably not something you'd want to use everyday for work, but if you wanted to grab a quick interview with someone and get it online within minutes, it seems like dropping twenty bucks and doing an interview this way would work out great. I'd love to see this used in the field, whether that's an interview with someone on a roadtrip, notes from someone over in the iraq war, or someone out and about that runs into something truly newsworthy.