We like sports

Ever since the new basketball season began, I've been considering getting a NBA all-access pass to see all the Lakers games with LeBron at the helm. For the first couple weeks of the season, almost every good game was on TV and it wasn't too hard to catch it all. But a couple days ago I finally made the leap and bought a pass.

Yesterday, I watched three different games from about 5pm to about 10pm, and it was glorious.

The apps are pretty impressive, you can choose any game in progress, listen to audio only from either team's announcers, and watch video on your phone or cast it to a nearby TV. My Apple Watch even piped up the first time I launched the NBA app to show me the day's list of scores, which was a nice surprise.

I'm a little worried about the time commitment of having several games per night for the next 8 months readily available, but I am going to try and catch most Lakers, Warriors, and Trailblazer games (and Celtics and 76ers and OKC, and and and) this season.