Was the iPod even in Cambodia during xmas?

I can't help but notice that Napster's iPod attack ads bear an uncanny resemblance to political attack ads. The Napster ads don't tell you that their music files are loaded with DRM that won't let you really "own" the songs at all and they ignore that many folks rip their CD collection to their iPod for free.

They just shout from the highest mountaintops how their service is amazingly better (omitting all the obvious drawbacks) and the opponent device is the worst decision you could ever make. And like political opponents that have to face attack ads, if Apple does nothing, the Swift Napster Vets might actually gain traction and marketshare from the iPod. If Apple does come out with a response, they have to sink down to Napster's level and it doesn't jibe with ther type of advertising at all.

Hopefully all the folks that own iPods can educate their friends as to why the Napster ads are complete garbage and why it's an inferior format and device choice. But I have a strong feeling that like political ads, not everyone does their homework and looks for background on the merits and drawbacks of both choices, instead accepting ads on their face value.

I'm an iPod owner and I approve this message.