Today I've been getting a steady stream of church-based spam about Cover The Uninsured Week, so I was skeptical about a site using those means to advertise, but it really seems on the up and up. There seems to be bipartisan support in all the leaders they've chosen to represent them, and all the messages seem to be based on common sense instead of money or politics. So despite the spams, it looks like a good cause, and while I have little hope we'll ever see any level of universal healthcare for all, it would be nice if the "culture of life" included covering medical expenses for the 8.4 million children that are uninsured. I bet it doesn't take a freakonomist to realize covering children today will reap huge rewards 15 years down the line.

I've also long believed if we could offer healthcare for all in the US, the explosion of creativity and entrepreneurism could have the potential to pay for it. I know many smart, motivated people filled with ideas that work boring jobs just so they can have healthcare for their family. Who knows how many business ideas, technology applications, and clever inventions are going to never see the light of day because their creators waste away at a desk somewhere. In that respect I see universal healthcare as good for business, since small business owners are off the hook for paying for it and everyone with a good idea won't be terrified of leaving their job behind to pursue their dreams.