Unclench people! Unclench!

For some reason, someone took my recent tongue-in-cheek post way, way too seriously.

I feel like a person that told a knock-knock joke at a party and in response got a 15 minute lecture on the nature of door design, acoustics, and various wood grains that affect the sound of knocks from a materials engineer that specializes in forest and forestry products.

There's a million things I could say to explain how big corporation news in this country is breaking down and how blogs are on the rise; how the continum between my pissings in the wind here and Bill O'Reilly is a million shades of gray that blurs daily; I could write several thousand impassioned words about how the mass democratization of everything (thanks to the internet) is changing our society for the better; I could tell you tales of working on the Blogger.com code and interface five years ago and being thrilled when we heard "blog" used on TV the first time, but it all seems pointless.

The things I say here are pure opinion, mostly meant to crack up the dozen friends that read it. I don't aspire to be the NY Times, though other webloggers are certainly heading there, much to their credit. I do think "MSM" is a silly term that makes people sound like outsider cranks, but if I say I'm going to avoid a blog that uses it, that's about as earth-shattering as my neighbor saying they don't care for the color orange.

I don't take myself too seriously, so treat my words accordingly, as I will treat the 50 or so raving emails I've gotten in the past 12 hours. Another hint: look up at the address bar and see how seriously I take my words. A whole lot of nothing, get it? No? Try the second definition here.