True Crime, NYC

True Crime: New York City is a video game somewhat like Grand Theft Auto, except you're a cop in the NYPD. The game is also known for having all of manhattan modelled exactly in the game, all the way down to specific buildings on every street. It's fun to tour around NYC and look for familiar spots.

Here are some things I learned after playing it for a few hours:

- I've been to NYC 4 times now but since I took the subway so much on my last trip, I couldn't really remember all the streets between each place I visited in real life, so I kept getting lost in the game. I most remembered short sections closest to my hotel, so I found my hotel's building, the NY Public Library, the Empire State Building, but I couldn't find Anil's old place, or where Jason and Meg used to live.

- Everyone in a sex shop is guilty of something, it seems. Frisk away, and you'll find lots of perps. I wonder if the game designers were trying to say something with this.

- I was dropped off somewhere near Tribeca at the start. After cleaning up a few buroughs by making a bunch of arrests, I noticed that Harlem was worst crime area so I dropped everything, headed uptown and proceeded to clean it up. Apparently even in virtual worlds, I still have white guilt.