Today was a another fun

Today was a another fun day of panels at SXSW. PeterMe's first panel was terrific, it was especially great to hear Steve speak, he's the best. Peter's second session was (and will continue to be, I bet) the best session of the entire conference. It was a high-minded philosophical discussion of interfaces and people interacting with computers. Amazing, amazing stuff.

Superstar watch: last night, I saw Janeane Garofalo in my hotel's lobby, walked right past, but didn't say hi (damn! why didn't I!?! I worship her!), and then this morning Brig and I had breakfast right next to Matt Stone, the guy with the brown curly hair that does SouthPark with Trey Parker. Matt and Trey are a couple idols of mine, since they do their own thing and always fuck with rules in Hollywood. I wanted to tell Matt how stoked I was to hear the upcoming Academy Awards show will be featuring an uncensored version of "Blame Canada!", but I didn't want to do the weird superfan thing and interupt his business meal.

Tonight's dinner was fun, and the after parties were pretty good, but a little crowded and smoky. There's nothing better than free Shiner Bocks. I think I'll be attending SXSW until I die now. I'll post more pics tomorrow or the next day, when I get back to LA. Oh, tomorrow's the weblog panel, which I'm looking forward to, but after meeting everyone, I don't know what's left to talk about.