Today I thought maybe it

Today I thought maybe it was time to finally live in the future, by downloading and using jabber instead of AIM, ICQ, and all the others. I downloaded the "official" jabber client from jabber's list, installed it, created a new user on their site, and then ran the app. I got this screen.

And I'm never running this client again.

The entry for "jabber server" is empty, and there's no link to look up a list of current servers. If you go to or, there's nothing about a current server list. Even in their FAQ's, I can't find it.

update: after ten more minutes of rage-inducing searches of their site, I finally found an offsite link to jabberview, and it turns out and are currently running servers. Why in the name of jebus weren't they listed as defaults in the app? If the whole system is XML based, why can't new clients fetch and parse an XML list of online servers from jabberview, presenting me with a dropdown instead of a blank space? Why is this crappy user experience any better than what people have to deal with when using ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, or MSN's messengers?

another update: I enter "" into the server space, and I get back the cryptic error message "Supply Complete Configuration." Adding port numbers to the domain entry results in the same, meaningless message. There is no help nor an example server entry, just cryptic errors.

So long jabber. Looks like there's still a significant amount of work left to do on the client.