Title 9

I've enjoyed watching every televised world cup game since the 1994 cup that came to America, and I enjoyed the Women's World Cup too (who can forget Brandi Chastain?). It's great to watch women play as the game seems to focus more on the fundamentals with less brutal tackles and penalty kicks deciding a match. Early this year I caught a preliminary game and noticed the previous event was four years ago, making this year another World Cup year, but I haven't heard a peep on TV or news about it.

I dug around tonight and found out the Women's World Cup 2003 starts in less than a month.  They've picked a US team and announced the matches in LA, Portland, Boston, Philly, Ohio, and Washington DC. I forgot they cancelled the planned event in China because of SARS, so I'm going to take advantage of it being stateside and try and hit at least a game or two, either in Portland or LA.

I hope the games get some air time on American television, the 1999 cup was one of my favorite sporting events I've ever witnessed and it was a great example of why women's sports matter.

update: thanks to TicketSatan, I just spent $400 on tickets to first round and semi-final matches, which I can't wait to see.