Time to switch back?

This laptop looks fantastic, but I'm most interested in hearing the reported sound on it. Every laptop I've heard has tinny-sounding 1" speakers that produce all the fidelity you can get from a $5 AM radio. Even the ultra hip Tibook from Apple suffered from pathetic sound. If BestBuy and Porsche of all people finally got the sound right in a small case, I'll be amazed.

In fact, I'd consider swapping my laptop to this if it were more affordable. I hate to say it, but my 400Mhz G4 titanium powerbook is atrociously slow, taking almost a minute to launch photoshop, and searching email archives proceeds at a glacial pace. Web browsing is bearable, which is probably the only reason I keep it around. I find myself frequently putting work off at home until I can get to my 1.7Ghz office PC due to the laptop's limitations. Make no mistake, Apple makes fantastic software. I'd rather use OS X over XP any day of the week. iPhoto and iTunes have no equal in the windows world and are close to perfection. There are a handful of other apps I use (NetNewsWire, Toast (for burning hybrid CDs), BBEdit for some things) that also don't exist for the PC. But their hardware sucks.

If I could run OS X on a $1,000 >1.5Ghz intel/amd laptop PC, I'd never use XP again.