Time for a serious roadtrip

States I've visited:


I had a pathetically sheltered youth. While I saw just about everything you could see in California, it was always from the inside of a car so we could only get so far in so many days. I think my first plane flight wasn't until I was 12, and that was to the faraway place of Arizona. At the age of 25 the farthest east I'd ever been was still Arizona. Even with all my web-related travel over the past few years I didn't surpass ten visited states until 2001 and now I stand at a paltry 14 at age 31.

I once worked with someone whose goal was having his kids see all 50 by the time they turned 18. He got pretty close, too. I think it's a worthy goal -- you can't appreciate the vastness, the differences, or the similarities in this nation and its people until you get out there and visit a bunch of places and meet a good deal of them.

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